Photo Suggestions

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for helping me take pictures of cucumbers!

Here are a few suggestions on what would help us when you take pictures of your cucumbers:

Please take pictures that are landscape (wide), and not portrait (tall):

Please take photos in landscape (left) and not portrait (right).

You can take a picture of the cucumber(s) on the plant:

Examples of pictures of cucumbers on the plant.

You can take a picture of cucumbers on a plate, platter, cutting board, etc.:

You can place your cucumbers on a variety of surfaces for pictures.

You can slice some up for decoration. Be creative! Arrange them however you feel they would look best. You can even use the leaves to decorate:

Be creative and enjoy taking pictures of your cucumbers!

Please do not include other cucumber varieties or garden produce in the picture(s):

Please do not include any other cucumbers in the picture Though this is beautiful, it can also be confusing.