•I offer to purchase your cucumber seeds.

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My love of cucumbers extends far beyond just selling seed. I love growing in my garden and sharing as much as I can.


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You can watch my videos below and find all the updates to my carosello and other cucumber videos on YouTube.

I offer to purchase your Cucumber Seeds

If you have a cucumber variety you believe I may be interested in, please let me know and I may choose to purchase it or trade seeds.

Free Seed

If you are willing to take pictures of cucumbers, I may have some cucumber seeds I will send you for free. See my Photo Suggestions page for details.

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Sometimes I am able to collaborate with others. Here is some of what I have done with other growers:

I really appreciate Joe Lamp’l giving me a second chance to interview. I hope you enjoy our conversation on the Joe Gardener Podcast entitled “Get to Know Cucumber-Melons, an Alternative to Bitter Cucumbers.”

Thank you to Margaret Roach for interviewing me for the April 2, 2023 New York Times Article and for having some family send me a copy of it!

Explore a World of Crazy Cucumbers with Margaret Roach at A Way to Garden.

The Case for a Rewarding Garden Vegetable, a blog post for the Urban Farm that explains why gardeners should grow Cucumber Melons and carosello cucumbers.

Cucumber Melons and Carosello Cucumbers on the Urban Farm Podcast, Episode 490:

Other News and Stories related with Cucumber Shop:

Here’s a Mother Earth News Article based on an article that I wrote for Mother Earth News entitled, “Growing Cucumber Melon Plant.”

It looks like I unintentionally received some attention from the News in Bari. I am so grateful for those who have gone before me who have cultivated these varieties for decades and generations. I can only hope to build off of their legacy. Here’s a recent Italian article about my cucumber exploits entitled, “Apulian carousels ready to replace US gherkins, the New York Times celebrates the discovery of an American professor: “Better and more digestible.”

According to I have now become a professor in their article entitled, “The Apulian carousels conquer the United States“. The article is nicely written though. has a nice article about the exploits of Cucumber Shop entitled, “Other than cucumbers, all crazy for the Apulian carousels in the USA

It looks like we made it into a magazine as well. Here’s a link to the short article at Quotidiano di Puglia.

Another Article by Ecce Corriere entitled, “Goodbye gherkins, Apulian carousels are very popular in America

Gazzetta di Mantova just barely mentioned us in their article, which is just as well. The article is entitled, “Here is the Apulian carousel, a little melon and a little cucumber

Multiradio Massafra wrote a Facebook post about my little shop too entitled, “Apulian Carousels Book in the United States: And they are Overcoming American Cucumbers